From the Chairs, May/June 2015

Celebrations are wonderful occasions—Join us at the JUNE meeting to honor our 40th Anniversary as the NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee. We encourage you to find some images from the past and share a brief story of times gone by. Bring a friend to share in the viewing and refreshments. On another note, we wouldContinue reading “From the Chairs, May/June 2015”

From the New Chairs, March/April 2015

We hope everyone is braving the cold and capturing some unique images. As the 2015–2016 New York City Sierra Club Photography Committee’s new Board members begin their appointments, we are eagerly looking forward to the coming year. There are a few new Board members to introduce. Raquel Gonzalez will be working with social media toContinue reading “From the New Chairs, March/April 2015”

From the Former Chair, March/April 2015

As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary, it is exciting to see how all of you, who are part of this wonderful group, continue to come together, promote, celebrate, explore and create higher levels of nature photography. It is wonderful to see our new Co-Chairs so ably embark on our next 40 years! —Charles Dexter, FormerContinue reading “From the Former Chair, March/April 2015”

From the Chair, January/February 2015

Each January the new slate of eight Board members is submitted to the membership for election at the January meeting. The board is responsible for planning our meetings, events and exhibits. This year’s nominees are: Lee Backer, Anne Chamberlain, Eileen Duranko, Bill Frick, Raquel Gonzalez, Harvey Kopel, Nancy Langer and Tom Wysmuller. Board members areContinue reading “From the Chair, January/February 2015”

From the Chair, November/December 2014

The NYSC Photography Committee lost a true friend, late last summer, with the passing of Marjorie Grimm, director of the Tuesday Evening Hour. For over 20 years, she provided many of our members with their first opportunity to present slide shows to an audience. She encouraged us to put our best images forward and toContinue reading “From the Chair, November/December 2014”

From the Chair, September/October 2014

I hope all of you had a great summer creating nature photography. As we begin our 2014–2015 Sierra Photo meeting season, we look forward to seeing your very best images since our last Members’ Night in May. The opening page of our website is being redesigned so that you can explore the site more easily. The fallContinue reading “From the Chair, September/October 2014”

From the Chair, May/June 2014

The NYCSC Photography Committee is looking for a volunteer with an interest in social media and the internet to help us maintain a consistent presence on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. This would require a lot of e-mail interaction with our members and others who are interested in our group. Content direction wouldContinue reading “From the Chair, May/June 2014”

From the Chair, March/April 2014

Over the years there have been a number of requests by individuals and organizations to gain access to the NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee E-mail list to promote non-photography committee events or activities. The Photography Committee Board believes that our list should not to be shared with anyone outside of the board without permission. E-mailsContinue reading “From the Chair, March/April 2014”

From the Chair, January/February 2014

Once again, the new slate of eight Board members will be submitted to the membership for election at the January 29th meeting. The board is responsible for planning our meetings, events and exhibits. This year’s nominees are: Lee Backer, Anne Chamberlain, Charles Dexter, Eileen Duranko, Bill Frick, Trudy Fritschi, Harvey Kopel, and Tom Wysmuller. BoardContinue reading “From the Chair, January/February 2014”

From the Chair, November/December 2013

I hope all of you had a great autumn season filled with exciting photography! We begin the winter holidays with two events that celebrate nature with the images we create. Early December, we return to Calumet Gallery NYC, with our next big group photography exhibit, Encounters with Nature. Anastasia Tompkins has selected all new workContinue reading “From the Chair, November/December 2013”