From the Chairs, January/February 2018

The holidays are now behind us and many beautiful snow scenes await those brave souls who venture out. For those who favor the warmth of home, the New York City public libraries offer an on-line video streaming service for card holders, Kanopy. It features films and on-line courses, including a series on wildlife and landscape photography!

It is also a great time to visit our museums and galleries. Search on your computer to locate an exhibit that interests you. I recommend Paul Kasmin Gallery on 27th St. near 10th Ave., I have seen some very unusual and well known artists represented.

The Ai Weiwei Sculpture and other features in Washington Square Park form an interesting photographic site. Browse for public installations by Weiwei and other artists.

Another interesting area to explore is the World Trade Center downtown, featuring The Palm Tree courtyard (alas nature!). Try one of the many eating establishments and walk over to Calatrava’s Oculus (a great site for people-watching).

I recognize that the focus is not all on nature and photography but sometimes we can find it in the strangest places. Also inspiration is all around us and to see how art in its many forms and types ties itself to nature might be an interesting undertaking.

—Eileen Duranko, Co-Chair,

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