The NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee leads outings to scenic wilderness regions, natural areas and botanical gardens in and around New York City, Long Island and the surrounding Hudson and Delaware River valleys.

To view photos made by committee members who went on our outings, please visit Galleries: Previous Outings.

Winter 2019 Outings

To attend an outing, or for questions, please contact Charles Dexter at 212-315-1963 (call until 10:30 pm). Volunteers with cars are appreciated for out-of-town outings.

February 9, Saturday
Stony Brook, Harriman State Park
Winter landscape and macro opportunities with snow and ice. NYC Start at 9:00 am. Hike along Stony Brook, rocky, possibly slippery trails. Shoot until dark at about 5:30 pm, dinner in area, return around 9:30 pm. Plan for long day in cold weather and wind. Wear warm layers, boots, hats, and gloves. Bring lunch, snacks, and water.

February 21, Thursday and February 23, Saturday
Central Park Zoo, NYC
Bears, snow leopards, lemurs, penguins, sea lions, snakes, poison dart frogs, tropical birds and butterflies! Meet at 12:00 noon at main ticket gate entrance. Admission at gate is $14 (Adult), $11 (Senior) Stroll through exterior and interior wildlife exhibits. Shoot until 4:30 pm closing, dinner in area. Wear layers and prepare for cold outdoors and warm, humid interiors. Snacks and water available at the zoo or bring your own.

March 2, Saturday
Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, LI
Large colorful camellia blossoms and various greenhouse flowers. NYC Start at 8:45 am.Walk through both damp/cool and warm/steamy greenhouses after coming inside from a cold day. Day-long shoot, dinner in area, return 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Wear layers and prepare for cold outdoors and both cool and warm greenhouse environments. Bring lunch, snacks, and water.