From the Chairs, January/February 2017

Happy New Year 2017 to all from the Board. We wish you new beginnings, adventures and a healthy outlook in this coming year.

You will be receiving a Members’ Survey this month. We encourage you to take the time and effort to complete it. It will provide us with information on meeting topics, program ideas, outings, newsletter material and ways to grow our membership. We look forward to all your ideas.

Our “Urban Nature” exhibit at the Ryan Chelsea-Clinton Health Center runs from February 2nd through June 2nd. We eagerly look forward to the beautiful images you have selected that will highlight our group and provide a warm environment in the Health Center lobby. We hope to see you at the Opening Reception on February 8th.

We want to thank Anne Chamberlain, Editor and Jacqui Bonavito, Designer for their tire-less efforts on the Newsletter. Anne is working to expand and highlight members’ activities. We encourage your submitting articles on experiences with our outings and work-shops, knowledge of photography techniques or anything that would benefit and inform our members. This is your chance to participate and share experiences. Anne’s e-mail is in the newsletter.

Contact us by email: Eileen Duranko, or Harvey Kopel,

—Eileen Duranko, Co-Chair
—Harvey Kopel, Co-Chair

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