From the Chairs, May/June 2017

As evidenced by the colorful profusion of buds and blossoms, the long-awaited Spring has arrived! It is a welcoming sight to witness these new arrivals and capture the images we see in our parks, the green markets and the many community gardens. We encourage you to photograph and post them on the Facebook “Friends of SierraPhotoNYC” site and show them at Members’ Night for all to enjoy.

Members’ Night in June will showcase our members’ work. In the anticipated raffle, we hope to provide some exceptional items from local businesses. We encourage member contributions (maximum of two photography-related items). Bring a friend to this year-end meeting to enjoy the images and participate in the raffle for a fun evening.

Mark your calendar for the pick-up date for your photograph at the Ryan Chelsea-Clinton Health Center on JUNE 2. Details to follow.


Contact us by email: Eileen Duranko, or Harvey Kopel,

—Eileen Duranko, Co-Chair
—Harvey Kopel, Co-Chair

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