From the Chairs, November/December 2016

The fall season is upon us and provides those wonderful opportunities to capture colorful and vibrant nature images.

The “Friends of Sierra” website has hosted some beautiful photography and shared some of their locations. We encourage you to visit the site, view the images and join in.  It has been a huge success and gives us another opportunity to share our work beyond Members’ Nights.

The trip to Watkins Glen was a wonderful outdoor experience and a great photo-op as well as an opportunity to make new acquaintances. Many of us have traveled far abroad and it is nice to know that we have some beautiful locations in our own New York State. Our thanks to all those that made this possible with the hope that more are to come.

The exhibit, “Urban Nature”, at the Ryan Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center was postponed but is back on track for February (see details in this issue; email to follow).  We look forward to your participation and another successful exhibit.

Contact us by email: Eileen Duranko, or Harvey Kopel,

—Eileen Duranko, Co-Chair
—Harvey Kopel, Co-Chair

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