Remembering John Wazeter | December 29, 1940 – January 15, 2021

The passing of John Wazeter left those of us who knew him deeply saddened. He had a great influence on many of us and our photography. It is hard to imagine the world without him.

John Wazeter, Montauk Point, 2015 ©Miriam Wazeter
John Wazeter, Montauk Point, 2015 ©Miriam Wazeter

We will devote our June 29 Members’ Night, on Zoom, to a celebration of his life with a retrospective of his photography. Members will be invited to share memories and if they wish, show their own work influenced by John’s style. Details will be announced at a later date.

Charles Dexter

Of all the many members of SierraPhoto NYC who have contributed to this group, John Wazeter stands out in so many wonderful ways. Throughout the years he often served on the Board and was a totally involved chair who had a great influence on the group.

He did a superb job of recruiting a host of highly renowned professional nature photographers as speakers. He led numerous memorable outings to the New York Botanical Garden, and brought us together for memorable fine dining afterwards at Emelia’s, Maude’s and other places.

As a photographic artist with a unique style, he introduced us to new perspectives – the worlds of soft focus and multiple exposure – and he created countless wonderful images in these and other styles.

John shared his knowledge and diverse skills with warmth and generosity. He was a special person of many talents who helped build the SierraPhoto NYC group into the great organization it is today, and he shall be missed.

Nina Edwards

He was a man of many talents. He was very perceptive at picking newly active members to join the board. As soon as I started contributing to members night, after years of on and off attendance, he called and persuaded me. John could make an individual feel important and necessary.

Claudia Schellenberg

You can find additional tributes to John, and leave your own, at:!/TributeWall

Dear SierraPhoto NYC Members,

My sincere thank you to everyone for your expressions of condolences, sympathies, and love following the passing of beloved Sierra member, and my dear life partner, John Wazeter. Your tributes, notes and cards, sharing of memories, presence at his wake, and donations to the NYBG in his honor all speak to the love, respect, and loyalty that he inspired in all of us.

His passion for nature photography and his commitment to the photography group are well known. He was proud to serve on the board in many capacities and he relished participating in the outings and field trips, followed by convivial gatherings for dinner. He was a mentor to many, and yet he always opened his mind and eyes to exploring, and learning, different techniques and forms of art from others.

When I first met John, some 25 years ago, I was strictly a city girl and photography to me meant taking an occasional picture with one of those pocket-sized cameras. Through John I learned about the beauty and artistry of photography, and how it can create a vision of sublime beauty. It was through John that I got my first set of hiking boots (after much duress) and experienced the joys of hikes and nature trips and exploring the limitless beauties of nature. His love of music and his talent at the piano, combined with his fine eye for beauty, produced many memorable images and presentations. His steadfast faith in his religion helped him to face each day with happy anticipation of whatever adventures awaited him.

I will always treasure the memories of our connection to SierraPhoto NYC and the many wonderful, warm friendships that we formed. I look forward to visiting the NYBG and reflecting on the myriad scenes that so enchanted him, from the blossoming cherry trees, the stunning rows of tulips, the layers of glorious, bountiful azaleas and, of course, the expansive fields of his beloved daffodils bending to the winds. Not to forget the rose garden either!

As we mourn his departure, I know John lives in our hearts and his spirit will stay alive. May his memory be for a blessing.

Thank you, and with appreciation,

Miriam Wazeter

Autumn trees – Multi-exposure © John Wazeter
Autumn trees – Multi-exposure © John Wazeter
Fish! - Slow shutter © John Wazeter
Fish! – Slow shutter © John Wazeter
Clouds and Grass - Double Exposure © John Wazeter
Clouds and Grass – Double Exposure © John Wazeter
Post-NYBG dinner at Emilia’s, November 2019 contributed by Nancy Langer
Post-NYBG dinner at Emilia’s, November 2019 contributed by Nancy Langer

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