January 27, 7:00 pm (via Zoom) – Kathy Adams Clark

Butterfly Photography

Butterflies can be found almost everywhere! They live on high alpine tundras, low arid deserts, moist tropical jungles, and temperate backyard gardens. Butterflies shimmer with iridescent scales and blend into the leaf litter with muted brown tones. These lovely insects can be a challenge to photograph because they are constantly moving from place to place. Join Kathy Adams Clark to learn how to capture stunning photos of butterflies. Learn how to stalk butterflies, what’s going on in the mind of a butterfly, how to anticipate behavior, and how to find butterflies. This educational session will also include equipment needed for butterfly photography such as macro lenses, extension tubes, close-up lenses, flashes, and focus stacking. Kathy will also illustrate how butterflies can be photographed with basic equipment and a camera with any lens.

Gulf Fritillary by Kathy Adams Clark
Gulf Fritillary by Kathy Adams Clark

Kathy Adams Clark has been a professional nature photographer since 1995. Kathy’s photos have been published in hundreds of places including Family Fun, Nature’s Best, New York Times, Birder’s World, and Ranger Rick. AAA Journey, Texas Parks & Wildlife and Texas Highways magazines have used Kathy’s photos on their cover. Her photos have also appeared in numerous books and calendars including the Barnes & Noble Ireland Countryside Calendar, the cover of the Arbor Foundation Rainforest Calendar, and the Sierra Engagement Calendar. Kathy’s photos of Houston, Texas were compiled into a calendar offered in Costco in 2016.

Her photos appear every week in the “Nature” column in the Houston Chronicle written by her husband, Gary Clark. Kathy and Gary have worked with national publishing houses to produce ten books that combine their photography and writing. Their latest books are Book of Texas Birds published by Texas A&M University Press and Backroads of Texas published by Voyageur Press.

Kathy’s photography is featured in Portrait of Houston published in 2012 by Farcountry Press. Photographing Big Bend National Park, published in 2013 by Texas A&M Press, is written by Kathy and uses her photography throughout.

Kathy is Past-president of the North American Nature Photography Association. She teaches photography and is a popular speaker at local and national events. She leads photo tours through Strabo Tours to countries including Costa Rica, Brazil, Spain, Africa, Italy, Peru, Morocco, and Norway. Follow her at https://kathyadamsclark.com.

Zoom instructions will be provided with an email link; you may sign in from 6:30 pm.

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