March 31, 7:00 pm (via Zoom) – Temu Nana

Deep Space Astrophotography: Imaging the Night Sky

In this webinar, Temu Nana will discuss various aspects of night sky imaging, focusing on star trail, Milky Way, and deep space astrophotography. Enjoying dozens of images captured with various setups, we’ll learn about the invisible wonders above us, and how you can start to image them! We won’t dig too deeply into the technical aspects, though we will touch on equipment, techniques, and post-processing.

Rosette Nebula © Temu Nana
Rosette Nebula © Temu Nana

Temu Nana is a professional tour manager and trip designer for small group photographic and educational travel. He has had the pleasure of leading small groups of photographers on photo expeditions to all seven continents, where he occasionally leads night sky shoots. His interest in astrophotography began with Milky Way, star-scapes, and star trail images, which he has shot extensively for the last 10 years. That initial interest in the night sky has taken him down the rabbit hole of deep space astrophotography, using specialized equipment to capture deep space objects like emission nebula, star clusters, and galaxies. While he loves traveling the world and sharing it with his friends and clients, he feels truly at home under a dark night sky and looks forward to sharing some of the tips he’s learned while shooting the stars!

Instagram: @tknanaphoto

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