Guest Speaker: Gabriel Biderman, January 25, 2017

Voyage Into Galapagos Experience the magic of the Galapagos as explorer and travel photographer Gabriel Biderman shares his stories and images from his last two expeditions to these legendary islands. Meet all the animals—the ancient and Giant Tortoises, the Blue, Red and Nazca Boobies, land and marine iguanas, sea lions, Sally Light Foot crabs, theContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Gabriel Biderman, January 25, 2017”

Guest Speaker: Ira Block, November 30, 2016

Travel Images: See Beyond the Usual  In-depth travel images will stand apart from the clutter of ordinary photos on the Internet.  Photographers can create great images by looking more deeply into local cultures, by finding travel vistas with more layers of information, and through more dramatic lighting. Digital cameras that produce incredible files at highContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Ira Block, November 30, 2016”

Guest Speaker: Greg Miller, October 26 2016

It’s All About the Light! You’ve heard it before, and it’s true! Photography is all about the light. A mediocre subject in great light makes a much more compelling subject than a great subject in mediocre light. But what is great light? Greg’s presentation will explore how to recognize great light, the three qualities toContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Greg Miller, October 26 2016”

Guest Speaker: Katrin Eismann, May 25, 2016

Travel Light, Take Great Pictures Join Katrin Eismann, Sony Artisan, as she takes us along on her travels around the world to photograph in Chile, Cuba, Germany, Tasmania and Zimbabwe. Katrin will address how for her; less equipment makes for better photographs, why it’s important to not listen to the nagging critic in your head,Continue reading “Guest Speaker: Katrin Eismann, May 25, 2016”

Guest Speaker: Ken Hubbard, April 20, 2016

From Your Backyard to the Grand Canyon Whether you are standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or just trying to capture the colorful flowers in your garden, here is the chance to get some helpful hints on how to best capture your subjects. This presentation will help you see and manipulate light, creatingContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Ken Hubbard, April 20, 2016”

Guest Speaker: Laurie Klein, March 30, 2016

The Magical World of Infrared Photography  As photographers we are looking for ways to stand apart from other photographers. Infrared is the perfect medium to do just that. Laurie’s roots as a landscape photographer began when she was a young woman being mentored by Ansel Adams. Infrared has been her medium of choice since then.Continue reading “Guest Speaker: Laurie Klein, March 30, 2016”

Guest Speaker: Chris Nicholson, February 24, 2016

Photographing America’s National Parks From sea to shining sea, the national parks preserve some of the country’s most unique wilderness areas—a gift to nature photographers everywhere. In this presentation, Chris Nicholson delves into what the park system offers to the photographer, and how to best research and prepare for a trip to explore the artisticContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Chris Nicholson, February 24, 2016”

Guest Speaker: Jean Miele, January 27, 2016

Creating the World We Want We all want peace. We want a world where the oceans are restored, the rain forests thrive, and the great forests and deserts remain unscathed. We all share the deep-seated longing for clean air and water, and for balance in the global ecosystem. As landscape and nature photographers, our workContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Jean Miele, January 27, 2016”

Guest Speaker: Andy Katz, November 18, 2015

The photographs created by Andy Katz have taken him around the globe. From the Old Country in Eastern Europe to the California wine country, which he now calls home, his subjects are as diverse as his travels and adventures. The images in Andy’s dozen or more coffee table books have been described by vintners, photographers,Continue reading “Guest Speaker: Andy Katz, November 18, 2015”

Guest Speaker: Tom Dwyer, October 21, 2015

Seeing with an Artist’s Eye  Fine art landscape photographer Tom Dwyer will be the featured speaker at the NYC Sierra Photography Committee’s meeting on Wednesday, October 21. Tom’s presentation, “Seeing with an Artist’s Eye” will share lessons he’s learned creating (and selling) his landscape photography. A gift subscription to Outdoor Photographer magazine in 2000 ignited his interestContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Tom Dwyer, October 21, 2015”