Members’ Night II, Thursday, December 17, 6:30 pm (via Zoom)

After our very successful Members’ Night in September, we look forward to again hosting our December Members’ Night virtually, via Zoom. For this Members’ Night, all are invited to share their nature-themed photos. We will be utilizing the Zoom video conferencing platform, a popular application, to present member photos and meet virtually. We hope that in the not-too-distant future, we will meet in person, and that all our members stay safe and well during this difficult and sometimes stressful period.

Sierra Photo September Members' Night
Sierra Photo September Members’ Night

General instructions on using Zoom

Preparing Your Photos

Sharing photos is optional, but we hope you consider it. Submit images by Friday, December 11 (we’ll send a reminder a few days before that deadline).

  1. Select up to 8 of your nature-themed images. Participants will be given the chance to describe their photos as they are presented. Feel free to submit fewer than 8 images. If you’d like to speak a bit more in depth about just 2 or 3 images, that is fine. Every presenter will be allotted approximately the same amount of time.
  2. Format each image as a JPEG file, sRGB format at 72 pixels per inch, with 1280 pixels on the long side. Export your images so that each image does not exceed 1 MB in size, to fit all photos in a single email. Most people export their images to their computer desktop.
  3. Label each image with your name and a sequential number (from 1 to 8): Jones_Mary#1.jpg. Use the sequence in which you would like to have the photos shown. Make sure that when you join via Zoom, you use the same name so that we can announce your photos.
  4. Email the photos as attachments (not embedded) to: If you need to send more than one email, indicate this in the subject lines (“Members’ Night Photos #1”, “Members’ Night Photos #2).
  5. We would like to feature some of our Members’ Night photos on our Website ( A committee will select one photo from each contributor. By submitting photos, we will assume that you have granted permission to post one of your photos on our Website. However, if you do NOT want a photo posted, please indicate this in your submission email.

Using Zoom

Zoom will work on most devices that connect to the Internet, but we recommend you use a desktop computer or laptop to take advantage of a larger screen.

  1. You can get a feel for how Zoom works by joining a “test meeting” at The Zoom website has excellent training videos, as does YouTube (search “how to join a Zoom meeting”). Or, ask a friend who uses Zoom for help and perhaps to have a test call with you.
  2. You will need to download the Zoom application on your computer. Click the “download” button next to “Zoom Client for Meetings” at and follow instructions to install the application.
  3. We will send you an email with the link to join the meeting a few days before the December 17 meeting.
  4. Plan to log into the meeting at 6:30 pm to give us time to admit you and solve any technical problems that may arise.
  5. Join the meeting by clicking on the link provided in the email (if you have not downloaded the application, the system will ask you to do so prior to joining the meeting). You will be also asked for your name to display to the other members. Try to use the name you used to label the photographs you submitted.
  6. During the video conference, our emcee Chuck Pine will announce each member and show your photos; he will “unmute” your microphone so that you can comment on your images.

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