From The Chairs, May/June 2020

As these are the most unusual of times, the SierraPhoto NYC Group has had to adapt: the Board is trying new ways to provide safe activities and as much SierraPhoto spirit as possible.

One of the ways we thought we could provide our members with an upbeat note and show our appreciation to three hard-working volunteers was to invite them to present their own work in this issue. Anne Chamberlain has been doing an excellent job preparing the newsletter; Nancy Langer has uncovered many amazing and informative speakers; and Claudia Schellenberg has been very diligently managing the Group’s finances. Although these three members are not currently on the Board, they have made ongoing significant contributions to SierraPhoto NYC, and their efforts, time and energy deserve to be recognized. Our continued thanks to all of them, and enjoy their images!

As an alternative activity to our canceled May meeting, SierraPhoto NYC accepted an offer for a free webinar on May 7 by photographer Matt Kloskowski, who discussed editing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. Many of our members participated in it and found it helpful.

Nina Edwards

As Nina has mentioned, we on the Board have been trying to think of alternatives to our meetings during this perilous time. With hopes that you are all doing well and might welcome a photographic challenge, we made a plan for a “virtual” Members’ Night: Don Cannon has written an article here encouraging members to share images on Instagram, even creating a dedicated hashtag (#sierraphotostayshome). If enough people post even a few images by May 27 (our scheduled Members’ Night), we’ll have a body of work everyone can view and enjoy anytime at home. We’ll get a sense of how we’re coping with living so abnormally, and where we’ve found signs of natural beauty to lift our spirits. The posting can continue for as long as restrictions last. We hope many of you will take on this challenge!

As a technologically deficient older person, I never took up Instagram (or, “IG”). I knew images got posted from a smartphone, but I was devoted to my camera. Now the time has come for me to try it out, so I’ve picked up my iPhone 7 and photographed my favorite houseplant, which has become very precious these days. But then – how to post it? 

Supplementing his article, Don helped me put together these extra tips for newbies like me: After downloading the IG app and opening an account, all easily done, select a photo from your phone’s “gallery” and tap the send (or share) icon. The IG icon appears (along with email, etc.). If it comes up twice, tap the one that says “Feed.” A box will open for typing a caption and the hashtag (tap it to open keyboard). Then tap “OK” and “Share” and voila! You’ll see other ways to post as well, as you explore IG.

You should also know how to open up our site for viewing on your smartphone: open the IG app; among the symbols on the bottom is a search symbol (magnifying glass). Tap that and type the hashtag in the search box that opens on top. To view on a computer, go to login with your user name and password, and, in the search box at the top of the page, type the hashtag #sierraphotostayshome.

That’s a lot of technology to take in, but even people like me are being pushed to become techies these days. We can grow from it: I already feel more comfortable with my iPhone and realize that IG provides benefits and connections I never thought of before.

We will continue to think of creative ways to help each other get through this difficult time. A beautiful new website has been designed for us by Kathryn, and maybe, just maybe, our exhibit will actually come to pass!

-Judy Rosenblatt

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