Guest Speaker: Susan Magnano, May 29, 2019


Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Doors open 6:00 pm. Program begins 6:30 pm

Susan Magnano

The Ultimate Photo Road Trip

Explorer Susan Magnano will share her extraordinary travel and photography adventures and show how you can plan your Ultimate (Photography) Road Trip: 

    • How to Plan Your Trip
    • What to Bring
    • How to Capture Your Big Adventure

Susan Magnano is a photographer, explorer, teacher and soul searcher. She loves living in the moment and capturing the beauty of people and places around her. Susan’s passion for adventure and travel has guided her across the globe to capture images of some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. She is the founder of Photour Adventures, leading photo adventures in New York, Utah, California, and Nevada. She also founded Magnanimous Pictures, an event and portrait photography business, and freelances for Food Network and Tribeca Film Festival.

You can follow and contact Susan via: and






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