October 26, 7:00 pm (via Zoom) – Jim O’Donnell

Photography with a Purpose

How did we get here and where are we going? Jim will discuss his artistic journey and focus on how and why he utilizes photography as a tool for social and environmental activism.

Jim O’Donnell is a writer and photographer based in Taos, New Mexico. An anthropologist and watershed expert, O’Donnell utilizes photography and the written word to explore the relationship between people and ecosystems. ODonnell is a community activist and author of “Notes for the Aurora Society: 1500 Miles on Foot Across Finland” and the forthcoming “The Fountain” and “Who Broke the World” from Torrey House Press.


Social Media:

https://www.aroundtheworldineightyyears.com/ https://www.jimodonnellphotography.com/

© Jim O’Donnell
© Jim O’Donnell

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