Notes on “Hand of Man”

The “no hand of man” rule has guided our group’s photography and the choice of images for Members’ Nights for most of our existence. The recent relaxation of that rule may have led to some confusion about what to include (or not) in our images.

Here are new written guidelines agreed to by our Board:

We will allow images to include aspects of our man-made environment so long as nature remains a predominant theme. As city dwellers, we are especially aware of the beauty or whimsy that nature can add to our urban world. But this guideline can apply wherever we choose to photograph! Another admissible category is a natural area that has been damaged due to human activity.

As Sierra Photo NYC, we remain dedicated to celebrating the natural beauty of the world around us. Photography helps make us aware of that world. By also exploring the dialogue between the natural and man-made, we can add new perspectives to our shared trove of images.

The following are examples of acceptable images which incorporate man-made elements. Photo Credit: © Peggy Wortman.

NYC skyline sunset © Peggy Wortman
NYC skyline sunset © Peggy Wortman
Prospect Park snow benches © Peggy Wortman
Prospect Park snow benches © Peggy Wortman

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