March 23, 7:00 pm (via Zoom) – Marie Read

For Standout Bird Photography, Capture Behavior!

In a world saturated with great bird photos, what does it take to create images that stand out from the crowd? One way is to capture bird behavior, and wildlife photographer and author Marie Read reveals how it’s done. Marie’s stories from the field are an engaging and informative mix of fieldcraft and strategy, sprinkled with tips about equipment choice and camera settings. You’ll learn that knowledge of avian natural history and being able to read birds’ body language is more important than having the newest camera or the biggest lens! Beginner or experienced photographer, you’ll come away with plenty of tips to create eye-catching bird photos.

Piping Plover © Marie Read
Piping Plover family, Ipswich, MA © Marie Read

Wildlife photographer/author Marie Read has forged a career out of capturing special moments in birds’ lives, creating images that combine beauty with impactful storytelling. Her award-winning photos are featured in magazines, books, and calendars worldwide, and have placed in numerous contests, including Bird Photographer of the Year, NANPA Showcase, Share The View, Audubon Photography Awards and Nature’s Best. Her articles and photo essays about bird behavior and bird photography have appeared in Living Bird, Bird Watching, Nature’s Best, and Wild Planet, among other magazines. Marie has authored or co-authored six books, most recently Mastering Bird Photography: the Art, Craft and Technique of Photographing Birds and Their Behavior (Rocky Nook publishers, 2019).


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