Wednesday, January 26, 2022 (7:00 pm – via Zoom) Showcase: Carlos L Esguerra, Sherry L Felix, and Louise Luger

Three of our members share their stories and selections from their work.

Carlos L Esguerra: Sand Dunes as Inspiration

This is a presentation on how sand dunes inspired me into serious landscape photography and how I learned to practice a minimalist, zen-like approach to composition. I will present images from my two favorite national parks – White Sands in New Mexico and Death Valley in California.

White Sands 1102-02 © Carlos L Esguerra
White Sands 1102-02 © Carlos L Esguerra. A young yucca plant at White Sands National Park in New Mexico. (Hasselblad 500CM / Zeiss 80mm f2.8 lens; Fuji Velvia 50 film).

Carlos L. Esguerra was born in the Philippines and now lives in New York City. He was in the computer field for 36 years. He took early retirement from software company CLE Systems to devote his time to his rediscovered passion – photography. As a landscape and architecture photographer, he has received numerous national and international awards. In 2008, he received the Pamana ng Pilipino (Philippine Heritage) award, the highest honor given by the President of the Philippines to overseas Filipinos who excel in their fields of expertise. In 2011 he was awarded the Ani ng Dangal (Harvest of Honors) by the National Council on Culture and the Arts of the Philippines. In 2014, he received the Distinguished Alumni Award in Culture and the Arts from his alma mater, the University of the Philippines. In 2015, he received the Order of the Knights of Rizal – New York Chapter’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.


Moonrise at Death Valley-9304 (2014) © Carlos L Esguerra
Moonrise at Death Valley-9304 (2014) © Carlos L Esguerra. The full moon rising in Death Valley National Park. (Sony Nex-7 /E 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS lens).

Sherry L Felix: Iceland, July 2021

I’ll be leading you on a photographic tour of the Ring Road of Iceland. My husband Marc and I booked a self-guided tour in July of this year from Guide to Iceland. Each day was full to the brim with wonderful sights. The otherworldly scenery is like nothing I have ever seen, and the weather made it even more dramatic. I hope my photographs portray some of the feeling I had there.

Iceland (2021) © Sherry L Felix
Diamond Beach, Iceland, 7/15/2021 © Sherry L Felix

I began working as an artist in the 60’s. When I was a freelance fine artist, I sold my work to galleries in NYC (a small sample of my past artwork is at One day I found I could no longer bear to work with the agents at the galleries! To embark on a new career, I went to college at Hunter and got a degree in geology and geography. I had planned to be an environmental educator. Instead, I found a job working as a cartographer and graphic designer using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and computer graphics in the environmental department of a large company in New York City. I’m now retired, and photography is my art.

For additional photos of Iceland see under the category Iceland – port4u.

Iceland (2021) © Sherry L Felix
Halsaneshellir Cave, Iceland (2021) © Sherry L Felix

Louise Luger: Journeys Through the Local Landscape

The photographs in this presentation were taken on Staten Island, where Louise resides. Nicknamed “The Green Borough” (with 27% of the land in protected parks), this little green island has woodlands, hills, meadows, seaside shorelines, ponds and streams, wetlands and cliffs, and a bounty of wildlife. Louise photographs both the small (close-up) and large (scenic) landscapes; from milkweed seeds of angel hair, to stately trees hundreds of years old, to wide skies above tree framed lakes. Louise’s photos will show that you don’t have to leave NYC to delight in nature. (And Louise hopes to remind you that there are beautiful natural areas in every borough, including your own). Louise will also comment on photographic style, and some of her inspirations. Enjoy seeing the beautiful world of glacial ponds and free ranging deer, in photographs of our local natural treasures.

Ferns © Louise Luger
Ferns © Louise Luger

Louise Luger is a commercial and fine art photographer and photography instructor. She has taught at several venues, including the Staten Island Art School and John Campbell School in North Carolina. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries from NYC to Kyoto, Japan; and published in calendars, magazines and postcards. She has received a NYS Council on the Arts grant to photograph the beauty and ecology of a park in Staten Island. Her greatest joy in photography is strolling the natural world, camera in hand, while observing the play of light upon the landscape, as she strives to portray the tranquil and inspiring beauty of nature. Louise has been a member of the Sierra Club for over thirty years, and has served on the board of Sierra Photo NYC.

You can contact Louise through the Sierra Photo NYC Board.

Milkweed Seeds © Louise Luger
Milkweed Seeds © Louise Luger

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  2. Wonderful presentation of three different locations by three talented photographers. It’s always good to see member’s work. I’m glad the Zoom meeting was recorded. Congratulations!

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