Members’ Night, Wednesday, July 28, 7:00 pm (via Zoom)

After our very successful Members’ Night in June, we look forward to hosting an “extra” Members’ Night virtually, via Zoom, on Wednesday, July 28 at 7 PM. For this Members’ Night, all are invited to share up to 8 of their nature-themed photos. We hope that in the not-too-distant future, we will meet in person; as of now, Lincoln Center and the Opera Guild have not made any firm decisions about when and how they will re-open the meeting space. 

© John Wazeter
© John Wazeter

Preparing Your Photos

Sharing photos is optional, but we hope you consider it.  The deadline for submitting images is Wednesday, July 21. We’ll send a reminder a few days before that deadline, as well as the Zoom link before the meeting. 

  1. Select up to 8 of your nature-themed images. Participants will be given the chance to describe their photos as they are presented. Feel free to submit fewer than 8 images. If you’d like to speak a bit more in depth about just 2 or 3 images, that is fine. Every presenter will be allotted approximately the same amount of time.
  2. Format each image as a JPEG file, sRGB format at 72 pixels per inch, with 1280. pixels on the long side. Export your images so that each image does not exceed 1 MB in size, to fit all photos in a single email. Most people export their images to their computer desktop.
  3. Label each image with your name and a sequential number (from 1 to 8): Jones_Mary#1.jpg. Use the sequence in which you would like to have the photos shown. Make sure that when you join via Zoom, you use the same name so that we can announce your photos.
  4. Email the photos as attachments (not embedded) to: If you need to send more than one email, indicate this in the subject lines (“Members’ Night Photos #1”, “Members’ Night Photos #2).
  5. We would like to feature some of our Members’ Night photos on our Website ( A committee will select photos from all that have been contributed. By submitting photos, we will assume that you have granted permission to post one of your photos on our Website. However, if you do NOT want a photo posted, please indicate this in your submission email.
  6. During the video conference, our emcee Chuck Pine will announce each member and show your photos; all contributors will be able to comment on your images.
© John Wazeter
© John Wazeter

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