Members’ Night III, Remembering John Wazeter , June 30, 7:00 pm (via Zoom)

Our June 30 Members’ Night, on Zoom, will include a celebration of our beloved longtime member John Wazeter, his life and his photography.

John Wazeter
John Wazeter

Members are invited to share spoken memories of him if they wish. We will also include a shortened Members’ Night where members may submit up to 3 photos. You may show your own nature photos, or if you wish, you may show photos inspired by John’s style. You may also show photos of John along with a spoken memory of him.

Members who would like to share memories of John during the meeting, or share photos of John during the Members’ Night slide show, are requested to contact Charles Dexter ( before June 17. To make sure we have time for all those who want to speak, we ask that members limit their comments to a minute or so. Please plan and practice what you would like to say before the meeting so it all goes smoothly.

Please submit your 3 Members’ Night photos and/or images of John by June 23 to See the instructions below.

While a date has not been set, there are plans to hold another Members’ Night in July.

Preparing your Photos for Members’ Night

  1. Select up to 3 of your nature-themed images.
  2. Format each image as a JPEG file, sRGB format at 72 pixels per inch, with 1280 pixels on the long side. Export your images so that each image does not exceed 1 MB in size, to fit all photos in a single email. Most people first export their images to their computer desktop from their image processing software, then attach them to the email.
  3. Label each image with your name and a sequential number, such as: Jones_Mary#1.jpg. Use the sequence in which you would like to have the photos shown. Make sure that when you join via Zoom, you use the same name so that we can announce your photos.
  4. Email ALL photos (whether they are related to John’s memorial or are your own nature images) to: If you need to send more than one email, indicate this in the subject lines (“Members’ Night Photos #1”, “Members’ Night Photos #2).
  5. We plan to feature some of our Members’ Night photos on the website. A committee will select one photo from each contributor. By submitting photos, we will assume that you have granted permission to post one of your photos on our website. If you do NOT want a photo posted, please indicate this in your submission email.
© John Wazeter
© John Wazeter

Post-NYBG dinner at Emilia’s, November 2019 contributed by Nancy Langer
Post-NYBG dinner at Emilia’s, November 2019 contributed by Nancy Langer

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