News & Notes

News and Events

The Sierra Club NYC Group is sponsoring its Sustainability Series via Zoom and makes recordings available on the web. See for more details. Schedule (subject to change):

December 9, 2020: Population and Land Use Impact on the Emergence of Zoonatic Epidemics

January 13, 2021: Carbon Free, Nuclear Free: Challenges and Successes

February 10, 2021: NYC De-Carbonizing Transportation, Housing, Construction

March 10, 2021: Pollinators, Pesticides, and Protections

April 14, 2021: 51st Earth Day – Global Assessments

Marjorie Gurd has been chosen to exhibit in the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and the 15th Annual Pollux Awards in March 2021 in Barcelona, Spain. Her work was also featured in Issue #142 of Black and White Magazine.

Our January 2020 speaker, Christopher Ang, is now a World Wildlife Fund Image Contributor and Ambassador of World Animal Protection. See

Try Instagram!

Instagram is one of the most powerful ways to make your work known and to discover other like-minded photographers. Our Instagram page, SierraPhotoNYC, is still going strong, with close to 1,500 images and almost 400 followers! Photos posted to the page very quickly start accumulating likes and comments. If you don’t have an Instagram account, it’s easy to create one, through your smartphone. Start by installing the Instagram app from your app store (such as Apple or Google Play Store). The page provides answers to many questions.

As you post your best nature photos from your phone, add the hashtag #sierraphotonycpix. They will be considered for posting on our page. You can move your photos from your computer to your phone’s picture gallery. One of these methods will make it easy.

  • Start by sending the photo to yourself as an email attachment and open the email on your phone.
  • For Apple phones, hold you finger on the photo and a menu appears. Choose “Save Image” and the image will be available in your “All Photos” menu.
  • For Android phones, hold your finger on the photo and a “View Image” message will appear. Tap the “View Image” message and a menu icon will appear (3 vertical dots). Tap the menu and select “Save”. The photo will now be in your phone’s photo gallery.

Note: At press time it was not possible to re-post new photos to our site. As per Instagram: “Recent posts from all hashtags are temporarily hidden to help prevent the spread of possible false information and harmful content related to the election”. When this feature is restored, be assured we will review all recently added hashtags.

Give Instagram a try! It would be great to have more photographers included in the mix.

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