Current Status of Our Exhibit

We regret to inform you that our exhibit, Nature as Sanctuary, will not take place on the dates originally scheduled: March 23 through May 3, 2020.  The Church of the Heavenly Rest made a decision to close all of its facilities to the public for an unspecified period of time, due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. 

However, the Program Administrator has told us that, if at all possible, the church intends to honor its commitment to SierraPhoto NYC.  When the church does reopen, they will make every effort to accommodate our exhibit.  As you are all aware, public health regulations surrounding the pandemic are being reformulated almost on a daily basis.  When the picture becomes clearer, and the pandemic begins to abate, we will be able to provide more accurate information about possible dates  for our show. And, once we have a firm commitment from the church, we can plan for an opening reception! 

For those who are participating in the exhibit and have framed their own photos, do NOT deliver them to the church. For those who have used One Hour Framing, we will know this week if they will hold on to the photos and deliver them to the church gallery at a later date.  If they will not agree to this, you will have to pick up the photos at the store.  We will let all participants know this week after getting a decision from the store. 

If you have questions, please address them to

We thank everyone for their patience during this difficult time in the life of our nation. Stay healthy, follow the guidelines for protecting yourself, and let’s all hope that our beautiful show will eventually be on the gallery walls for all to see!

SierraPhoto NYC Board of Directors

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