Member Spotlight: Stephen Feingold

photograph of Stephen Feingold

Stephen Feingold

Stephen Feingold

“Nature photography is like Wall Street, previous activity is no guarantee of future results.”

Color photo of alligator with large turtle in mouth (the turtle escaped!) © Stephen Feingold

© Stephen Feingold

Nature subjects are the focus of my photography. I look for dramatic or harmonious designs enhanced by backgrounds that are as impressive as the subject. We cannot exactly reproduce nature with photography, due to shortcomings of equipment and technology and the fallibility of human memory, but we can achieve believability. Thus, my images are processed to look pleasing to my eye, and express the excitement, wonder or mood of what I see through the lens.

I am mostly self-taught from reading many great photography books and magazines and I also attend lectures and follow online forums. However, the real learning comes from personal experimentation and practice. As I advanced I have used many different types of cameras ranging from the Kodak Brownie to the 4×5 view camera. I now use Canon SLR full frame and crop cameras with a wide variety of lenses from 17mm to 500mm. I also use a microscope to photograph chemical crystals.

My photo travels have taken me to many U.S. States in the West, Midwest, and South, but most of my photography time is spent in Florida. The subjects that attract me include landscapes, wildlife, and macro studies of insects, small animals, plants, and chemical crystals. I often invite passersby to look through my camera to view scenes or subjects they might otherwise walk by without noticing. Their reactions are usually enthusiastic, so this sharing gives me some joy, and I hope advances good public relations for photographers.

Photography became my hobby during my early teens. In early times I joined the Jamaica Camera Club, and served as President for several years. Later I joined the NYC Audubon Society where I served as Chairman of their Photo Club for 8 years and taught a course in Nature Photography. I have been a devoted member of Sierra Photo NYC because of their great programs and friendly, interesting members. My slide shows have been presented at numerous nature organizations: Sierra Photo NYC, NYC Audubon Society Photo Club, The Littoral Society, and Tuesday Evening Hour. I have also co-hosted several workshops in
Florida with the nature photographer Milton Heiberg.

Color photo of donkey grazing in field © Stephen Feingold

© Stephen Feingold

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