From the Chair, May/June 2018

Members’ Night meeting. We depend on your donations, so spring into action and de-clutter some of those no longer needed photography-related items! A maximum of five items in good condition will be accepted. We look forward to a full table of exciting choices on June 27 and guests are always welcome.

This year, Nancy Langer has worked hard and provided us with world class speakers. Pat Garbarini and Daphne Prior are working on exhibit spaces for next year. Donald Cannon has brought internet expertise by advertising our meetings on various sites and increased visibility and visitors to our programs. A special “Thank You” to Charles Dexter for all his work on our outings. Harvey Kopel continues to provide us with a wealth of information and guidance. Raquel Gonzalez updates our social media sites. Anne Chamberlain and Jacqui Bonavito produce newsletter content and graphic/web design. Helen Pine manages our lists and mailings. Everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated.

—­Eileen Duranko, Co-Chair,

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