From the Chairs, March/April 2018

We are still finalizing the details but during our next Members’ night we are planning our end-of-year raffle and hope to make it a fun evening for all. Now is a good time to look for those photography items you have taking up space which are no longer of interest. These may include books, equipment, and accessories. We look forward to a raffle full of items in good condition that may be of interest to one of your fellow members.

Following David Brommer’s excellent talk in January, I think about how to develop a consistent style in my work. As you prepare photos to present to the group, consider how they work together and reflect your personal style, even if they represent different times and places. To briefly summarize David’s outline of the key elements of personal style:

1. Attitude, emotions, and personal history
2. Genre and subject
3. Shooting technique
4. Message
5. Treatment
6. Presentation.

While winter may remain for a short while longer, thankfully spring is coming with
all of the great adventures and photo opportunities it brings.

—­Eileen Duranko, Co-Chair,

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