Guest Speaker: Ken Hubbard, April 20, 2016


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ken Hubbard

From Your Backyard to the Grand Canyon

Color photograph, Mantis © Ken Hubbard

Mantis © Ken Hubbard

Whether you are standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or just trying to capture the colorful flowers in your garden, here is the chance to get some helpful hints on how to best capture your subjects.

This presentation will help you see and manipulate light, creating the right exposures, composition, close-up and macro photography, and the most important part: what lens to use and why!

So, stop wondering, “Why don’t my images come out the way I want?” This seminar will show you how to make the most of your photography.

Ken is the Field Services Manager for Tamron, a leading manufacturer of photo lenses. He has had nationwide gallery showings of his photography and has traveled extensively throughout the United States resulting in a consistent output of breathtaking photographs that continually challenge the boundaries of the genre.

To see more of Ken’s images go to

Color Landscape Photograph, Horseshoe Sunset © Ken Hubbard

Horseshoe Sunset © Ken Hubbard

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