Announcing Friends of Sierra Photo NYC Facebook Group

Announcing our New York City Sierra Club Photography Committee members’ Facebook group page, Friends of Sierra Photo NYC. You must be logged in to Facebook to have access to the Friends of Sierra Photo NYC group page.

Now we are not limited to the Members’ Night for sharing our images. On this sight we can also share interesting locations, field trip memories, upcoming events and information. This page allows you to upload your images (please, a limit of three per day and they must be natured oriented), you must be a Facebook member (so join if you are not a member), then link to the page and become a member/friend and look forward to all the sharing that will come your way. It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce yourself and your work. We have Nancy Langer to thank for putting this together.

About Friends of Sierra Photo NYC: We are a group of dedicated professional and amateur photographers who are united in our passion for capturing the beauty, excitement and peacefulness of the natural world around us. By photographing these natural wonders, we hope to promote an appreciation for and responsible conservation of our environment. Our Friends of Sierra Photo NYC are welcome to contribute their best nature photos but please, only nature images and a maximum of 3 per post.

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