From the Chairs, May/June 2015

Celebrations are wonderful occasions—Join us at the JUNE meeting to honor our 40th Anniversary as the NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee. We encourage you to find some images from the past and share a brief story of times gone by. Bring a friend to share in the viewing and refreshments.

On another note, we would like to enlist your HELP with our receptions. Bill Frick ( is our Hospitality Coordinator and bringing together all the “goodies” is a major task. At the MAY meeting Bill will be asking for volunteers to sign up and bring an item to the June reception. You will be reimbursed (keep your receipt)
or you can donate the items. The choice is yours.

Happy shooting and we look forward to seeing your inspiring images.

Contact us by e-mail: Eileen Duranko, or Harvey Kopel,
—Eileen Duranko, Co-Chair
—Harvey Kopel, Co-Chair

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