From the New Chairs, March/April 2015

We hope everyone is braving the cold and capturing some unique images.
As the 2015–2016 New York City Sierra Club Photography Committee’s
new Board members begin their appointments, we are eagerly looking forward to the coming year.

There are a few new Board members to introduce. Raquel Gonzalez will be working with social media to increase our visibility through Facebook, Twitter and other web content. Much more on this as the year unfolds. Nancy Langer is eager to work on scouting new nature photographer speakers. We welcome both of them to the team. Returning board members include: Anne Chamberlain, Bill Frick, Lee Backer and Tom Wysmuller. With this team in place we still need member participation through suggestions for programs.
We ask you to be alert for speakers—request their card or jot down their names and also, become aware of potential exhibit spaces. E-mail us your requests and information. The NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee Board looks forward to seeing all of you during this 40th Anniversary season. Contact us by e-mail: Eileen Duranko, or Harvey Kopel,
—Eileen Duranko, Co-Chair
—Harvey Kopel, Co-Chair

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