From the Chair, March/April 2014

Over the years there have been a number of requests by individuals and organizations to gain access to the NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee E-mail list to promote non-photography committee events or activities. The Photography Committee Board believes that our list should not to be shared with anyone outside of the board without permission. E-mails from Sierraphotonyc should only be used to inform our members of Sierra Club Photography Committee events.

The board has adopted the following policy regarding use of the Sierra NYC Photo e-mail list: The e-mail list should be used to send announcements and information regarding the activities and events of the Sierra Club NYC Photo Committee. The e-mail list should not be used to promote individual projects. Any extraordinary use of the e-mail list must be approved by the board. The board also adopted an equivalent policy for its account, @sierraphotonyc.

About our Twitter account: We started it to provide our members with yet another way to be notified of upcoming events and activities. Members with mobile smartphones, desktop computers or laptops connected to the Internet, can sign up for Twitter, find us and follow us @sierraphotonyc, and get Tweets from us the moment we send them. They can also re-Tweet our Tweets to share our events with friends who are not members. Our account will only be used to send out our news items. It will not receive Tweets or be a place for “digital chatting.” So far, we have a “grand” total of eight followers. We would love to welcome more! Click this link in the PDF newsletter to see what our Tweets look like! @sierraphotonyc. If you would like to learn more about what Twitter is and how it works, click here.

Spring is coming and I hope all of our members can get out and photograph nature’s reawakening in our parks and wildernesses. To help make that possible, we have scheduled outings to the waterfalls of the Delaware Water Gap region, the cherry blossoms of Branch Brook park in New Jersey, the spring blooms of the New York Botanical Garden and the first blush of Spring in the wild marshes on Constitution Island on the Hudson River below the Hudson Highlands, near Garrison, NY. —Charles Dexter, Chair

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