From the Chair, January/February 2014

Once again, the new slate of eight Board members will be submitted to the membership for election at the January 29th meeting. The board is responsible for planning our meetings, events and exhibits. This year’s nominees are: Lee Backer, Anne Chamberlain, Charles Dexter, Eileen Duranko, Bill Frick, Trudy Fritschi, Harvey Kopel, and Tom Wysmuller. Board members are elected for one-year terms and can serve for no more than four consecutive years. The new Board will convene in February.

I am very grateful to our previous Board members Lee Backer, Bill Frick, Trudy Fritschi, Harvey Kopel, Ann Littlejohn, John Wazeter, and Tom Wysmuller. They all worked hard together to create a wonderful year, full of memorable events, and meetings! Because of their efforts, we had two photography exhibits that showcased our members’ outstanding images. The Manhattan Borough President’s Office exhibit helped our members gear up to mount a spectacular show, again at Calumet, replete with a stimulating artists’ reception that attracted over 300 people. I want to thank all of those members who volunteered their time to work on these shows.

Our speakers, Tim Grey, Jon Ortner, Carl Heilman II, Denise Ippolito, Frederick Charles, and Larry Zink, recruited by John Wazeter, informed and excited us with their photographic knowledge, techniques and insights.
We finished the year with an exuberant holiday party shared with the Sierra Club NYC Group who contributed the sparkling wine. I am very grateful to our Off-Board members, Jacqui Bonavito, Corinna Chifari, Helen Pine, Claudia Schellenberg, Stehanie Schmidt, and Penny Smith who continuously strive to keep the NYCSCPC working smoothly. We rely on them!

By the way! The Photo Committee, at the instigation of Ann Littlejohn, now has a Twitter account which we will also use to announce meetings, outings and events. We have 5 followers so far and we need to expand! Follow us at:
@sierraphotonyc. —Charles Dexter, Chair

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