From the Chair, May/June 2013

Spring has finally arrived after a long winter. In this time of great beauty, I hope you all can take the opportunity to get out into nature and shoot lots of great new images! You are going to need them, not only for Members’ Night on June 26, but for our new Sierra Club Photography Committee exhibit opening at the Calumet Gallery, NYC, this December.

We look forward to our new exhibit being curated again by Anastasia Tompkins. This show will feature work not shown in any previous Sierra Photo exhibit. It will be on view to the public at Calumet from December 2 to December 27, with a gala reception on December 5. A full prospectus for the show, important submission dates, and an entry form will be e-mailed to all members in June.

We all want our new photography exhibit to be seen by as many people as possible. We must publicize it in advance. The Sierra Photo Board needs your help! We are looking for people who can mount a publicity campaign. We need people who can write press releases and notices and then format them for publications and the Internet. We also need people who can seek out and contact local newspapers, gallery guides, magazines, websites, blogs and social media and then place publicity about our show in them. It is an opportunity to work with the Photography Committee Board and contribute to our group. If you can help us, please contact me at

I hope you all have an exciting spring and summer that is filled with moments to make wonderful photographs!

—Charles Dexter, Chair