From the Chair, January/February 2013

The new slate of eight Board members will be submitted to the membership for election at the January 30th meeting. The Board is responsible for planning our meetings, events and exhibits. The nominees include: Lee Backer, Charles Dexter, Bill Frick, Trudy Fritschi, Harvey Kopel, Ann Littlejohn, John Wazeter and Tom Wysmuller. The new Board’s work begins when it convenes in February. Board members are elected for one-year terms and can serve for no more than four consecutive years. I want to thank our previous Board for all of its work last year.

The year started with a successful photo exhibit and a well-attended reception at the Greenwich Audubon Center. Outstanding speakers last season included: Hardie Truesdale, John Isaac, Robert Rodriquez Jr. and Jennifer Wu, who inspired us with their photography. When we lost our meeting space last summer, we managed to land on our feet in our new meeting space, the Metropolitan Opera Guild at Lincoln Center. A Photography Committee website was finally launched. And we finished the year, joined by the Sierra Club NYC Group, with an exuberant holiday party, with tables well supplied with wonderful refreshments and raffle items. Good cheer for all. Board members Trudi Fritschi, Sid Georgiou, Claudia Perko, Claudia Schellenberg, Stephanie Schmidt, John Wazeter and Tom Wysmuller all contributed to the fine quality of our meetings and events!

—Charles Dexter, Chair

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