Guest speaker: Robert Rodriguez Jr, November 28, 2012


Photography is the language of light, color, shape, texture, and emotion. Your ability to learn and use this language effectively is the basis of creating expressive and dramatic images There are no secrets in photography, only practice, dedication, and an open mind to the beauty and magic that nature offers us every day. Each of us has a unique and personal vision to express, and I believe this is the key to help you develop and improve your photography.

© Robert Rodriguez Jr

In this slideshow lecture, I’ll discuss how these ideas form the basis of my photography, and how I use the modern tools available today to create what is most important, a meaningful image. I’ll discuss not only the how’s of landscape photography, but more importantly the why’s that can help you begin to “make” meaningful images instead of just hoping for good results. I’ll use real world examples and my own experiences as a landscape photographer throughout the lecture, and there will be a Q+A period as well.

Robert Rodriguez Jr, a resident of the Hudson Valley region since 1997, is a landscape photographer focused on conveying the deep, spiritual beauty he sees and feels in nature. He graduated from the Berklee College of Music and was a music producer for 15 years before transitioning to landscape photography. Robert’s photography has been published in numerous publications including the New York Times, and is used by many non-profit organizations including Scenic Hudson, and the Mohonk Preserve. His fine art prints have been collected by both private and corporate clients worldwide. Robert is also a Canson Infinity ambassador, a select group of hand-picked international artists that uphold and exemplify the Canson heritage of paper making since 1557.

He conducts photography workshops in the Hudson Valley and other national parks throughout North America, and also teaches at his studio in Beacon, NY.


© Robert Rodriguez Jr

Event Details

Wednesday, November 28, 2012—6:30 PM
Doors open at 6:00