Lightroom and Photoshop Webinar from Matt Kloskowski

Tampa based photo educator Matt Kloskowski is offering our club a free, live webinar on Thursday, May 7 at 1:00 pm.  Matt gears his educational presentations to “people that simply love photography, people who want easy-to-follow training on how to capture better photos, and how to make those photos look better with Lightroom and Photoshop andContinue reading “Lightroom and Photoshop Webinar from Matt Kloskowski”

CANCELED: Guest Speaker: Eric Rock, April 29, 2020

This event has been canceled. Travel Afar: My Journey with Micro Four Thirds Eric’s career as a photographer and guide spans two decades. He has traveled to the far corners of the earth exploring exotic cultures and wilderness environments. Over time, he came to realize that to maintain a creative edge, he needed to switchContinue reading “CANCELED: Guest Speaker: Eric Rock, April 29, 2020”

New Version of WordPress

Some of you may have received email notifications about two “New Posts” that were published in 2012!!!  A new version of WordPress, which hosts our website and web notifications, was just  released on March 24th, Tuesday.  Whenever WordPress updates its software, it tends to be unstable. We apologize if you received email about long pastContinue reading “New Version of WordPress”

Current Status of Our Exhibit

We regret to inform you that our exhibit, Nature as Sanctuary, will not take place on the dates originally scheduled: March 23 through May 3, 2020.  The Church of the Heavenly Rest made a decision to close all of its facilities to the public for an unspecified period of time, due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19.  However,Continue reading “Current Status of Our Exhibit”

Our March 25th Meeting with Tom and Lisa Cuchara Is Canceled

Due to increasing health concerns in connection with the spread of the COVID-19 infection, and following the recommendations of the New York public health authorities to avoid large gatherings as much as possible, the SierraPhoto NYC board has decided to cancel our monthly meeting which was scheduled for Wednesday, March 25.  We hope to have ourContinue reading “Our March 25th Meeting with Tom and Lisa Cuchara Is Canceled”

CANCELED: Guest Speaker: Lisa and Tom Cuchara, March 25 , 2020

This event has been canceled. Highlights Lisa Cuchara, Ph.D. is very passionate about photography, both behind the lens and in the digital darkroom. From birds and flowers to babies and UrbEx/HDR, she embraces the challenge of interpreting what her eyes see and her heart feels through her work. Lisa is PPA Certified as Master-Photographic CraftsmanContinue reading “CANCELED: Guest Speaker: Lisa and Tom Cuchara, March 25 , 2020”

POSTPONED: SierraPhotoNYC Exhibit: Nature as Sanctuary

This exhibit has been postponed. For more information, please visit We are thrilled about our upcoming exhibit in the Gallery Undercroft at Church of the Heavenly Rest, 5th Avenue at 90th St. in Manhattan. Our theme is Nature as Sanctuary; photographers will show images of special places they have chosen as sanctuaries, places ofContinue reading “POSTPONED: SierraPhotoNYC Exhibit: Nature as Sanctuary”

From the Chairs, February 2020

As we turn the corner on a new year and a new decade, we look forward to good things to come in 2020. Our spring exhibit, Nature as Sanctuary, should be spectacular. New York’s Church of the Heavenly Rest has chosen us to provide an inspiring milieu for hosting environmental groups in its well-trafficked GalleryContinue reading “From the Chairs, February 2020”

Guest Speaker: Sherry Beltramini Pincus, February 26, 2020

Creating Unique Images in Iconic Locations Seeking to expand your portfolio beyond grabbing “the shot” where every photographer stands at the turnout along the park road? Sherry Pincus, photographer and veteran backpacker, will share strategies for accomplishing just that. While Sherry has visited many remote backcountry locations, she has also taken note of the moreContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Sherry Beltramini Pincus, February 26, 2020”

Guest Speaker: Christopher Ang, January 22, 2020

In his travels around the world, Christopher Ang has found that a common theme has been how habitat loss and climate change are driving (non-human) species extinction. Chris will present a photo essay of what he has witnessed in the field and learned from others about the plight of the last wildernesses on our planet.Continue reading “Guest Speaker: Christopher Ang, January 22, 2020”