Links for Learning and Reference

Contributed by Harvey Kopel:
Cole’s Classroom—Video Tutorials
Tim Grey—Digital Photography Educator
Photzy—Tutorial Content (free and paid basis)

Contributed by Jay Tanen:—News, Blogs, Podcast
See Photography Documentary Lists on the site

Contributed by Anne Chamberlain:
BBC Radio 4 Podcast: The Invention of Photography

Contributed by Harvey Kopel: is a photography tutorial site with photographer perspectives and some free resources. The North American Nature Photography Associate (NANPA) has been offering local NY meetups.
Details are available at: See the NANPA website for details on this organization as well as some amazing featured photographs:

The Sleeklens commercial photography site has a regular free podcast series on various technical topics:

Contributed by Anne Chamberlain:
As mentioned at our January meeting, B&H Photography is sponsoring its fourth annual Optic conference on
outdoor and travel photography, June 3–6. Just as interesting is that the video recordings of more than 20 of the 2017 presentations are available online at:

The Audubon Mural Project ( is an ambitious effort to create street art depicting North America’s endangered birds. The 70 murals painted so far in uptown Manhattan are colorful and imaginative. If you like street photography and nature, this project may be for you.