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SierraPhotoNYC Meeting Dates and Programs 2019-2020

Oct 23       Ossian Lindholm

Nov 20      Lester Lefkowitz

Dec 18       Members’ Night and Celebration

Jan 22       Chris Ang

Feb 26       Sherry Pincus

Mar 25      Lisa and Tom Cuchara

Apr 29       Eric Rock

May 27      Members’ Night (note: May date)

Jun 24        Jennifer Hayes


November 20, 2019 
Lester Lefkowitz: Close-up and Macro Photography in the Great Outdoors

© Lester Lefkowitz 6965-078

There’s an entire universe of beauty, fascination and intrigue on a scale not readily captured in conventional photography. This presentation will show you the basics of how to get close, and closer, to the wonderful details and never-ending curiosities you can find in the natural world. Lester will cover the concepts of magnification ranges, various optical and mechanical methods for getting close (diopter lenses, extension tubes, macro lenses), issues of critical focus and depth-of-field, techniques for camera support and vibration control, and lighting. You’ll see a demonstration of focus stacking to achieve “infinite” depth-of-field. Esthetics are just as important; he’ll touch on composition, background, appropriate light, image balance and subject selection.

Lester Lefkowitz has been a lifelong photographer. His work has appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and hundreds of other U.S. and international publications. Lester has created images for Microsoft, General Electric, IBM, General Motors, Citibank, Johnson & Johnson and many other Fortune500® companies. He’s photographed in all fifty states, twenty-one countries and Antarctica. He is also the author of three books on photography, including The Manual of Close-Up Photography. In March of 2021 he will be teaching a workshop in Chile.

You can see his industrial and travel photography at www.LesterLefkowitz.com, and his macro work at www.MacroPhotographer.net.