Guest Speaker: Clifford Pickett, May 30, 2018


Wednesday, May 30, 2018 ― 6:30 pm • Doors Open at 6:00 pm

Clifford Pickett

Lighten Up: Image Quality, and iPhone Photography 

Color photograph of landscape, Moab, Utah © Clifford Pickett

Moab, Utah © Clifford Pickett

This presentation will challenge your assumptions about mobile photography and the photographic process overall by demonstrating just how powerful a creative tool your iPhone can be. Cliff will be showcasing his work photographed locally and around the world using his iPhone. He’ll be demonstrating his technical approach, including a fully-automated workflow process, and will share techniques, apps and accessories you can use to overcome many of the limitations inherent in working with a mobile device.

Clifford Pickett is a New York-based professional travel, humanitarian and commercial photographer, videographer and educator. He refers to his approach as Shoshin, or “a new mind”, a perspective of seeing his subjects as if it were for the first time. In addition to his many high-profile commercial clients, his work has been featured by National Geographic, the Smithsonian and other publications. He is also an FAA Certified Drone Pilot and Digital Asset Management and Adobe Lightroom expert.

See Cliff’s work at, and on Instagram accounts cliffordpickettphotography and eyephonephotographer.

Blacl and white landscape photograph © Clifford Pickett

© Clifford Pickett


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